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What does a Wedding Planner do?

One of the first things I ask my couple is 'Who are you working with as your Planner'?

The reason for this is - they are invaluable in making your day become a 'Dream Day'.

Looking back at my own wedding, I realised that being in control of everything on the day,

PLUS being the bride was actually no fun.. I can't remember a lot as I was soooo busy being everywhere that I wasn't actually fully in the moment.

And that very special moment passes very quickly.

Speaking to one of my favourite Planner's in the Byron region, Kiera from Creative Weddings

I asked her what are some of the most important parts of her role that she offers her clients.

This is why each and every wedding that I work with Kiera and her team always turns out to be such a wonderful success.

Kiera's top 15 (there are more she does - these are just the top)

Personalised Consultation: Offer bespoke consultations to thoroughly understand the couple's vision and preferences.

Venue Scouting: Scout and secure high-end venues that match the couple's desired aesthetic.

Budget Management: Create and manage a detailed budget, ensuring top-tier quality while respecting financial limits.

Vendor Selection: Source and collaborate with premium vendors, from caterers to florists, renowned for their exceptional quality and service.

Vendor Liaison: Act as the primary point of contact for all vendors, coordinating logistics and timings.

Design and Styling: Develop a unique design and styling concept for the wedding, including themes, colour schemes, and décor.

Themed Decor and Floral Arrangements: Design and coordinate unique themed decor and floral arrangements to bring the wedding space to life.

Signature Lighting and Sound Design: Craft an atmospheric lighting and sound setup to enhance the ambience of the wedding venue.

Menu Planning: Work with top chefs and caterers to create a bespoke menu tailored to the couple's tastes.

Entertainment Coordination: Arrange memorable entertainment acts that align with the wedding's theme and style.

Transport Coordination: Arrange transportation for the couple and guests, as needed.

Guest Management: Manage the guest list, including RSVP tracking, special requests, and accommodations.

Detailed Run Sheet Creation: Develop a comprehensive run sheet for the wedding events, ensuring a seamless experience.

On-Site Coordination: Oversee all aspects of the wedding day, ensuring flawless execution of every detail.

Emergency Readiness: Be prepared with contingency plans for any unforeseen circumstances to ensure the event's success.

As you can see there is a lot to work on creating a beautiful wedding experience. Leave it to the professionals, pour yourself a champagne and just float into one of the best celebrations of your life. Just like Lauren and Jordan's wedding day at Earth House Byron Bay - it was nothing short of divine.

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