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Osteria Wedding - Casuarina

Updated: Jan 17

Michael and Leah were recently married at Osteria, located in Casuarina. One of the coasts most popular venues offering a lush seaside garden and a stunning air-conditioned venue for the celebrations.

Michael and Leah met through the wonders of a little dating App back in 2018. And although Michael was 20 minutes late for their first date (thanks to locking himself out of his own house) Leah waited, they found they had a similar sense of wit and humour and have continued to build a beautiful relationship over the past 5 years together. Choosing Osteria as their wedding location suited both of the families as a centre point - offering close accommodation, a beautiful beach near by and of course a relaxed environment for the celebrations.

Marriage Celebrant Michelle Shannon Byron Bay and Beyond

Working with a Dream Team is always a bonus

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