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Every week I feel so lucky to work with wonderful couples, who share their love, their life and their family and friends with me - 

with this blog I try to show you just a little of what I do - who I work with and how much fun your wedding day can be.  Enjoy!

Beach Cafe Wedding - Jenn and Jason and family
Jenn and Jason and their 4 gorgeous kids
#sandceremony with the kids
#michelleshannon #celebrant with Jenn and Jason
Cutting the cake was also a family affair
#married Jennifer and Jason ready to celebrate
Flowers by The French Petal - Jenn and Jason

Jennifer and Jason married at Beach Restaurant - Byron Bay

When Jenn and Jason contacted me from the USA they knew they were about to move back to Australia and start their new life together with Jason's 4 amazing children. The children have grown to love Jennifer so much that when I pronounced them husband and wife not only did Jenn and Jason kiss but the whole family embraced with happiness - It's days like these that make my heart melt. 

Jenn has only recently told me that they are pregnant with their first child together - what an amazing family this will be.

Friends and family from the USA and Australia joined them in Byron Bay.

We had rain and some sunshine but decided to go inside for the ceremony 

at Beach Byron Bay before the celebrations began. With the ocean on our doorstep and plenty of love the day flowed beautifully.

Estelle from The French Petal created the floral arrangements, bouquets and flower-crowns.

Kate Nutt captured the love

Let Them Eat Cake made a gorgeous cake

This is one of those love stories that will stay with me forever..

Horizon Wedding Anna getting ready
That beautiful moment between Father and Daughter
The look of Love - Anna and Greg at Horizon
Anna and Greg seal their love at Horizon
Beautiful Bouquet by Passion at Flowers
Anna and Greg - married at Horizon
Cake by Byron Bay Cake Boutique

Greg and Anna - Married at Horizon - Byron Bay

I fell in love with these two amazing people who met by chance and who were so honest with their goals, desires and love of life. Both interested in scuba diving Byron offered the perfect location to celebrate their marriage at Horizon, Byron Bay - Anna's family travelled from Japan and seeing her lovely father so honoured and humble in his actions made my heart swell with pride. You only have to see the the way they look at each other to know this union is a 'forever love' -

Anna wrote to me and said; 

"To me marriage is about support, bringing out the best in each other and to be there when we go through tough times. It is about having someone to share life's trivial day-to-day happenings, both good and bad. It brings two families together, and what’s more, it is opening a new chapter in our lives to build a family of our own. I feel like everything in my life has led me to this point."

Greg shared similar sentiments about his love for Anna: He wrote:

 "Marriage is an adventure. The combination of finding the one in this world who shares our dreams, encourages each other to chase them, picks the other up off the ground when we fall and cheers them on when we rise. I always knew what I wanted in life in terms of a loving wife, a family and a partner to run though life with. Since meeting Anna, and for the first time in my life, I can actually visualise in my mind what it will look and feel like."

Gorgeous photos by Sunlit Studios​

Managed by Byron Bay Weddings​

Flowers by [email protected]

Cake by Byron Bay Cake Boutique​

Makeup/hair The Luxe Beauty Co​

Gown Mia Solano

Styling The Wedding Shed 

Jess and Dwayne
Aboriginal Welcome to Country - Jess and Dwayne
Jess and Dwayne - Byron View Farm
Jess and Dwayne and family
Bouquet by Poppy and Fern
Jess and Dwayne married at Byron View Farm
Fig Tree Restaurant Catering

Jess and Dwayne's  Beautiful Byron View Farm Wedding

Jess and Dwayne first met through mutual friends in Byron Bay back in 2009. 

In the years that have followed they have grown together, created many incredible memories and enjoyed becoming a little family, with their boys Tristan and Noah.

We had a shower of rain that swept over Byron but that didn't change the vibe of the day - We began the ceremony at Byron View Farm with a beautiful Aboriginal welcome to country and followed with a personal and fun love story that also included both boys.  Jess wrote to me and said;

"I knew I loved Dwayne within the first few months of dating, when I couldn’t stop thinking about him, he had me hooked. I was a single mother at the time and he took on me and my one year old son. He showed us both love, strength, support and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world."

These beautiful photos were taken by Ash from Stories by Ash

Delta Kay and her cousin opened the ceremony.

Byron Bay Weddings managed the day beautifully. 

Along with the Wedding shed for styling.

Catering Fig Tree Restaurant & Rooms

Flowers by Poppy and Fern

Hair and Makeup Ava Belle

Music by Renee Simone

Married by Me

Georgina and Dave
Georgina and Dave at Byron View Farm
Georgina and Dave and their 3 children
Byron View Farm outdoor dining

Georgina and Dave's Byron View Farm Wedding

Georgina and Dave met at work in 2007 - Georgina told me that Dave was a little bit cheeky and quite charming and use to follow her around the store.. Dave said he fell for Georgina's beautiful smile, cute and bubbly outlook on life.

And there was plenty to smile about as they celebrated what has been an incredible decade together - including the arrival of 3 amazing kids.

It was a gorgeous day at Byronviewfarm - guests arrived by the magicbus and dined throughout sunset and under the stars - catered by Fig Tree Restaurant & Rooms

Georgina looked beautiful in her @luvLuv Bridal & Formal gown / Hair and Make up and also photography by Lady Bella - Studio & Salon

Flowers by Alstonville Florist

Married by me Byron Bay Wedding Celebrant Michelle Shannon celebrant

Newrybar Downs Wedding - Matt and Lara
Florals by Beauitflora
Matt and Lara say 'I do' at Newrybar Downs
Totally feeling the love

Matt and Lara - Married at Newrybar Down

I first met beautiful Lara when she worked at Witchery in Byron - she was always happy and bright and my Witchery wardrobe seemed to continually grow - when Matt asked her to marry him she told me that I was the first person she thought of.. 

I have to say I feel pretty humbled by that..

They decided to marry on the date that they first met the 21st of February . Bridesmaid Amy encouraged Lara to join their group at the Taste Festival in Tassie and Lara sat with Matt enjoying the delights of the festival - they got along great from the very beginning, Lara was certainly taken by Matt's English accent and blue eyes and they laughed when they told me they both got pooped on by a bird and thought that was a sign of good luck - That was back in 2008 and today they celebrate their 1st anniversary - I couldn't be happier for the two of them.

They choose one of Newrybar's most beautiful properties Newrybar Downs for their morning ceremony and later celebrated with a lunch reception at 

Harvest Newrybar.

Beautiflora designed a divine white bouquet for Lara and the day flowed seamlessly with happy tears from all of us. In the past couple of years these two have built a new and very popular business called ST. AGNI in the Industrial Estate and create some of the most beautiful leather shoes and bags and more I have ever seen.

(check it out next time you are in Byron)

Their day was captured perfectly by photographer Kate Holmes Photographer

Byron Bay Weddings - Lauren and Hamish
Florals by Poppy and Fern
Fig Tree Wedding Byron Bay
Fig Tree Restaurant and Room

Lauren and Hamish Fig Tree Restaurant Wedding

Lauren and Hamish initially met at a friends demolition party back in 2011. 

Now both living in Los Angeles they decided to bring their family and friends to Byron Bay to celebrate their marriage at Fig Tree Restaurant & Rooms. They had a stunning afternoon and followed their wedding ceremony with Italian style outdoor dining. On meeting Lauren, 

Hamish told me; "When I first saw Lauren I thought she is just beautiful.. I have to talk to her, after chatting for a while we instantly clicked. She had a great sense of humour, was very easy to talk to and we had a lot in common. Since then we’ve had so many fun times that I’ll remember for the rest of my life" 

And Lauren said; "We fell in love fairly early on, it was always just easy, from the start it was clear that we had the same interests, ambitions and sense of adventure. We seamlessly fit in with each other’s friends and family which is really important for me." 

Their beautiful floral bouquets, arbour and arrangements by Poppy and Fern Lauren's gown by Bo & Luca All the amazing photos by 

Figtree Wedding Photography Managed by Byron Bay Weddings Styled by 

The Wedding Shed Married by Byron Bay Wedding Celebrant Michelle Shannon

Emily and Tom's Fig Tree Wedding
Emily and Tom's Byron Bay Wedding
Emily and Tom's Byron Bay Wedding
Emily and Tom's Byron Bay Wedding

Emily and Tom's beautiful Fig Tree Restaurant Wedding

Emily and Tom met through their mutual friend Tim at a fancy dress party 5 years ago. From the moment they started to talk they got along great and a week later went on their first official date and have been together ever since.

They celebrated their love with 100 guests at Fig Tree Restaurant & Rooms - Emily looked stunning in her beautiful gown by Louise Alvarez Couture and floral crown - Tom's smile says it all as he proudly told me;

"We had been dating for a few months and I realised she was not like anyone else. 

I knew Em was such a special person and realised I was falling in love with her!

I had definitely found a keeper!!"

Fig Tree set up a delicious Mexican banquet for the guests to enjoy while the champagne and beers flowed..

The day captured beautifully by Ann-Louise at  Possum Creek Studios

Music by String and Bow

Flowers by Alstonville Florist

Hair and Makeup Bangalow Belles

Transport Byron Bay Luxe Limousines

Cake Flourish Lane

Celebrant Byron Bay Wedding Celebrant Michelle Shannon

Love Stories - Wedding Guidance and Information

More than just a Blog

Courtney and Luke recently married at Forget Me Not Weddings

October 2016

These two were just made for one another.

Courtney and Luke grew up in this beautiful region and surrounded themselves with all the people they love and cherish the most at the beautiful @Forget Me Not Weddings .

They were set up on a blind date by Luke's Aunty Louise 6 years earlier and from that very first date they have been inseparable ever since.

Both wrote touching vows which had us all holding our breath as they emotionally spoke of their love and promises to one another.

And Luke cheekily wrote;

"There is so much to love about Courtney - she is beautiful, loving and caring, and I love her gorgeous smile it always makes me happy. and I really love that she makes my lunch each day."

Destined for an incredible life ahead the day was captured beautifully by Suze Down Bangalow Road

Hair and Make up Rachael Harris and Thewholesomehairspa by Jacinta Parker

Married by me Byron Bay Wedding Celebrant Michelle Shannon

Cake by Let Them Eat Cake

Caterers Stock Pot Kitchen

Flowers Blue Dandelion

Management Stitch In Time - Event Planning & Styling

Film Mad Rose Films

Wedding Vows

How to Write Wedding Vows + examples

December 2016

Hi, I'm Michelle, I live in beautiful Byron Bay and have been a celebrant now for almost 9 years. 

In that time I have married almost 700 couples and the one questions I get asked more than anything is; 'How do I write personal vows'.

I realise it's never easy and often quite daunting for most people to even put pen to paper or should I say hand to electronic device. Thank goodness for the internet and to those who share the love in the cyber world that give many of us inspiration.  And these days we are all so 'busy' and it isn't always easy to find the time to sit quietly and just reflect for a moment on what you might like to say.

But just remember, this is one of the biggest milestones in your life. Most vows will take you all of 30 seconds to a minute to say to each other.. YES, that's right, only 30 seconds or more...

and you will never have that moment back again - So make it count.

And try not to make it too hard for yourself, if you can find just 10- 20 minutes to go somewhere quiet on your own (if that is possible) and pour a glass of wine/ beer or a cup of tea or coffee and answer maybe just a few of these easy questions to follow you might just find that the creative juices start to flow...      So start here and jot down a few notes.....

1. What is it that you love about the other

2. When did you know you were in love

3. What are the 1-5 things you don't say often enough to each other (positive things) (Recently I had a groom say that his fiancé is beautiful inside and out and that by doing this exercise he had realised he didn't tell her that often enough)

4. This is your one chance to also have some fun and be yourself - so don't forget to put that part of 'you' into your vows.

5. What is one of your favourite memories together

6. What will change or stay the same once you are married that you are looking forward to.

Hopefully you might come up with a few lines to get you started.

As your celebrant I can also help you fill in the blanks and make it flow a little easier. I always put examples you might like into your ceremony.

But out of all of my lovely couples who give writing their own vows a go I rarely have to change more than a word or two.   Good luck and give it a go....

Personal Vow Examples

Below are 10 examples of vows that just a few of my many couples have expressed to one another.. I hope that you find a little hope, inspiration and love to kick start your own.

Number 1.

I promise to adore you, care for you, protect and believe in you, I will appreciate you and help you reach your goals in life.

You are beautiful, I love your kind heart, your will to help people, your support and belief in me, and your funny faults that I would love to disclose today but thought better of it.

I take you as my wife and best friend, my lover, pain in the ass and the person to grow old and travel through life with. I Love you.

Number 2.

I promise to treasure you and to challenge you.

To continue to travel, love, laugh and dream big as nothing is out of reach when I’m with you.

I love waking up every day to that perfect permanent smile and hope that your smile is because of me, as mine is for you.

I take comfort in your kind eyes knowing no matter where we have been or where

we are yet to go being beside you is where I will always call home.

I will love you today, tomorrow and always.

Number 3.

I promise to love you, cherish you and be there for you in good times and in bad for as long as we live. I promise to buy you cheeseburgers after big nights out, frozen cokes in the summer and a new perfume every time I get back from a trip.

I promise to give you everything I have as a person and to this marriage.

You are my best friend, my favourite person to do everything with and my favourite person to do nothing with.

Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favourite. I love you.

Number 4. (for those with children)

(name) I am proud to be standing here as your partner as (mother/father) to our children and as your wife/husband.

The love I have for you is evident in all that we are; we are strong; we are happy;

we are giving and we are friends.

I promise to keep nurturing this love.

I promise to strive in being the best (wife/husband) I can be, to support you to shine in all that you are and do.

I look forward to continuing our path in life, to growing together, laughing together, crying together and just being us.

You have so many qualities that I admire, our family is blessed to have you as its rock.

You are a hard working, loving and loyal father/mother.

You always make me feel loved, safe and beautiful

You are perfectly mine and I am perfectly yours -I love you

Number 5.

(Name), words will never be enough to express how grateful I am and how lucky

I feel to have met you. You have filled my life with so much love and happiness, and have truly made my fairy tale dream a reality.

The strength that you carry, the passion you display and the warmth of your heart, are just few of many reasons why I love you so much.

Thank you for being my best friend, for listening to my thoughts and for being my source of encouragement, comfort, and strength.

Today I promise to always love you and standby you.

I promise to lift you up when you are feeling down, and lift you up even higher when you are on top of the world.

I promise to continue building more dreams with you, and work alongside with you to see those dreams through.

(Name), today I give you my heart and vow to you I will cherish our love, and I will devote my life to you and our family. I love you with all my heart.

Number 6.

You are an incredible man/woman, with the kindest heart of anyone I know.

I have seen the best and the worst of you, as you have of me.

Today in front of the people we love, I am committing to you. I give you my heart, my trust, my love and my promise we will walk hand in hand, wherever life takes us.

I offer you my solemn vow, to be your partner, to share in your dreams and adventures and to always do everything I can to make them come true. To learn and grow old with you.

I promise to support you, be kind, be patient, loving, forgiving and always put us first.

To be your person as you are mine and to believe in you when you struggle to believe in yourself.

I promise to laugh with you in good times and struggle alongside you in bad times.

To only organise you when you ask me to and to remind you of things I know you will forget.

To be your comfort, your sanctuary, your home and for as long as we both shall live to be your family.

You are my always, my forever, my one true love.

Number 7.

Today I marry my best friend

(name) my love, my light, my King/queen

You are the magic of my days. You are my constant

I give you my hand and my heart

As a sanctuary of warmth and peace

And pledge my love, devotion, faith and honour

As I join my life to yours

I vow above all else to live in truth with you

To communicate fully and fearlessly,

To value our differences as much as our common ground

I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever

I vow to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love

And to always know in the deepest part of my soul that no matter what challenges might carry us apart, we will always find our way back to each other

I see these vows not as promises but as privileges: I get to laugh with you and cry with you; care for you and share with you. I get to build with you and live with you; run with you and walk with you, hand in hand, wherever our journey leads us, living, learning, and loving

This is my sacred vow to you, my equal in all things.

Number 8.

Thank you for bringing so much happiness into my life, you truly are my best friend.

I promise to always love you, care for you and be your number 1 supporter and your biggest fan.

I promise to challenge you, encourage you and always be by your side.

I promise I will try to get better at putting my clothes away and helping with the vacuuming every now and then.

I promise that our Sunday mornings will always be spent watching the Simpsons together after a long week. I promise to always to go to bed on a good note and always say goodnight in our own special way every single night, no matter how upset I may be at you.

I promise to always look after our family and home while you are away living your dream.

I promise to be as good a mother to our future children as you will be a father.

I promise to always tease you, have fun with you and make sure you always remain the same honest, humble, caring, funny and modest boy I fell in love with.

Number 9.

(name) from the moment I met you I knew there was something special about you.

There hasn’t been a moment since that day in (location) that I haven’t felt loved and supported and I am constantly amazed by how thoughtful you are.

I love how you always see the best in me, even at my worst. You listen to every single worry that goes through my mind without judgment and one by one put them into perspective.

You’ve taught me what it means to truly love someone.

(name), I love you, with everything I have.

Words will never be enough to show the love I have for you.

Thank you for accepting and loving me as I am.

I promise to always laugh at your jokes, even when no one else does,

I promise to keep dancing and having fun with you.

I promise to continue to love you unconditionally under any circumstances,

happy or sad, easy or difficult.

I am forever changed because of who you are, what you’ve meant to me and how you’ve helped me grow. I look forward to all the adventures we have ahead..

I promise you this from my heart, for all the days of my life.

Number 10.

When we are together, experiences are richer, challenges appear achievable

and opportunities seem endless.

You are absolutely beautiful and I can’t help but love you.

I am so grateful to have you in my life and beyond proud to be with you here today.

I promise to be there for you always, to support you through the difficult time and dance with you in the good times.

I love you (name) today, tomorrow and always.

Legal Vows Required to be included in Australian Wedding Ceremonies

'The Declaration of Intent'

The following words will need to be included in every Australian wedding ceremony -to make your marriage legal. They are not your personal vows but can be added to your personal vows or exchanged before or after your vows. You may just wish to state these simple, legal vows and add nothing more - the choice is yours.

(See below)

An Exchange of Vows – Declaration or Intent

The minimum requirement, under section 45 (2) of The Marriage Act, is that each party to the marriage must say to the other the following statement or words to that effect:

“I call upon the persons here present to witness that I, e.g. John (or Jane), take the, e.g. Jane (or John) to be my lawful wedded wife (or husband or spouse)"

You may leave out lawful or wedded but not both; you must use one of these words.

I hope this gives you a little inspiration to get started and 'Happy Writing' - Michelle

Who walks you down the aisle

Who should walk you down the aisle? 

December 2016

Every couple that I work with have a different idea of who they would like to walk them down the aisle and how they would like to walk down the aisle.

For a civil ceremony the choice is yours and you don't have to be given away by anyone - really for most of us we have lived together, travelled together, bought houses, even had children so we had our parents blessings long ago.  Here are a few examples.

1. I still believe for a little tradition it is lovely to give dad the honour of walking you to your groom.

2. I also believe that mother's are equally in this world and also deserve the honour. 

So you can have mum and dad or even just mum.

3. Grandparents - I have seen some lovely grandparents take part in their grand children's weddings and it is a lot of fun and a little teary (I can't help it sometimes :)

4. Some couples have have not been lucky enough to have their parents attend and will ask a brother / sister/ or family member to do the honour.

5. You can walk solely by yourself - maybe even meet each other half way.  That is what life is all about anyway.  It doesn't mean you take away the honour of mentioning your parents within the ceremony for their love and support.

6. Have your children walk you down the aisle  - many couples already have children.

7.  You could meet your guests and have a pre-ceremony cocktail and then start - this may make you feel more relaxed and ready to keep the celebrations going.

8. Maybe just the two of you would like to enter together  - start as a couple in love and walk back down the aisle as husband and wife.

9. Step-parents - so many couples have grown up with very loving and supportive step-parents - you can choose to walk with both biological and step-parents or either..

Remember the day is yours and you should feel proud and honoured to be who you are and share the day with those who love and support you.  

Michelle Shannon - Author - Celebrant